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Startupville Β©

Welcome to Business Hustle Β©, where we curate exciting networking adventures! We bring together a fantastic mix of creative minds, authors, go-getter entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and more. Our gatherings are your ticket to a world of shared ideas and real-life stories from various industries.

If you're someone who loves the thrill of connecting, you absolutely can't afford to miss out on these sessions. It's time to break free from the daily grind and dive into inspiring conversations with your fellow adventurers in the professional realm.

** We don’t believe in limitations or boundaries, just the world as it is, waiting to be changed. **

To supercharge your startup's growth, recognize that networking is your secret weapon in the competitive jungle of business. Once you've unlocked this power, it's time to escape the daily grind and shift from working 'in' your business to working 'on' your business. Don't go it alone in the wild. Don't be a lone wolf in the jungle, join us to discover, learn, and expand your network in exhilarating ways.


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What is this event about?

Are you interested in delving into the world of startups and business development in a professional and focused setting? Our events are designed to provide a platform for entrepreneurs, authors, creatives, and digital nomads to engage in meaningful conversations about entrepreneurship, business strategies, and online resources.

Our Mission:

Our primary goal is to facilitate constructive discussions and networking among like-minded individuals. We aim to equip you with valuable insights and resources to enhance your business endeavors. Our events cover pertinent topics, including:

🌟 Branding & Marketing: Learn effective strategies for building and promoting your brand.

🌟 Business Development: Discover innovative approaches to business growth and sustainability.

🌟 Web Development and Cybersecurity: Gain insights into web development and safeguarding your online presence.

🌟 Open-Source Resources: Explore the world of open-source tools and frameworks that can benefit your industry.

🌟 Career Development: Receive guidance for advancing your career and personal growth.

🌟 Wellness and Productivity: Explore ways to maintain well-being and productivity while pursuing your professional goals.

Join our community and embark on a journey of knowledge sharing, professional development, and strategic networking. We invite you to be part of our business-focused events and connect with industry peers.

Who is the event for?

Whether you're a creative, digital nomad, entrepreneur, writer, researcher, trader, or someone looking to explore alternative avenues for utilizing your skills and expertise to generate income, we invite you to join us. Discover how you can harness the power of knowledge, data, and your unique skills through meaningful interactions with a community of like-minded individuals. Your journey towards new opportunities starts here.

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How to register

Tickets to the event are available online, you can purchase by clicking on this link.. Alternatively you may purchase at the door, however the event is capped to 20 Seats Only, so online registration is crucial to ensure you are on the guestlist.

Our Host

Cape Town Medi-Spa & Ubuntu Wellness offers you an exquisite array of massages, exclusive productivity workshops, and experience cutting-edge healing therapies. Immerse yourself in the realms of cyber and biofeedback technologies, and become a part of the thriving Startupville community where rejuvenation meets innovation.